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Coating on Demand by AGC Glass Europe

Coating on Demand is a product developed by AGC Glass Europe based on the Eclat Digital virtual prototyping tool Ocean™. CoD allows the customer – architect, façade constructor, investor, etc … – to design their own tailor-made glass to fit with the design of their building.
CoD is a three-step process:
  1. Design of the coating matching the specification of the customer in terms of energy-related properties and aesthetics.
  2. Visualisation of the designed coating on the model of the building thanks to Eclat Digital technology
  3. Delivery of sample of the glass for final validation
Developing a new glass normally takes more than 6 months. With CoD, this time is reduced to 1-2 days. The real breakthrough in CoD is the possibility to observe the designed coating in real conditions, under different skies, with different viewpoints and directly on the model of the building. This is thanks to the use of the virtual prototyping software Ocean™. The software offers sufficient accuracy to allow a reliable prediction of the visual appearance of the coating, avoiding the time-consuming and costly need for physical prototyping.
The use of Eclat Digital’s technology removes the need for the laborious process of producing samples, leaving a lot more time for design and visual appearance discussions, at nearly no additional cost.
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