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Materials Predictive Appearance for the Automotive Industry

Get support and reactivity into your vehicle project conception

Eclat Digital offers you accurate illumination simulations aimed at predicting the optical performances of interior and exterior vehicle components.

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Save time
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Design faster, decide sooner

Reducing the need for
a physical part for optical assessment

Highlight tendencies and take first decisions in early development phase

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Solutions for transportation

Validate material aesthetics

Visualise in the most accurate way both exterior and interior materials from an in-situ perspective. Car paint, coated glass, plastic, emitters and many other possibilities!

Track optical artefacts

Assess the optical integration of any vehicle component in the very early stage of your project. Eclat Digital and its solution OceanTM help in identifying optical properties and taking counter measures in the most precise way.

Picture sensor vision

Simulate the view of your integrated sensor with OceanTM and picture its performance within its surrounding environment.

Quantify optical performance

Run precise quantitative analysis of both exterior and interior emitter components! Optimise your lighting elements and display systems through a set of simulations with OceanTM.
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Case study

Door pocket lighting study

Eclat Digital’s software solution OceanTM enables precise computation of the most complex lighting systems. The following door pocket lighting example highlights this feature through a detailed study dedicated to both qualitative and quantitative performance assessment of the system.
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tailor-made solution to answer your needs

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Material measurement

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