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Virtual prototype maker: About us

Simplify and accelerate your product development process. Let us help you with virtual prototyping.

virtual prototypes maker about us
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A cutting-edge technology company

Eclat Digital is a software editor and service provider for virtual prototyping applications. Virtual prototyping aims to provide predictive, quantitative and physically true images. This technique allows us to converge to the best solution faster, limiting the cost and need for physical samples.

It guides your R&D developments, increases your process efficiency and reduces your product time-to-market. Our technology aims to provide lighting simulation solutions to a wide range of industries: architecture, transportation, chemicals, product design, lighting …

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Service provider

Eclat Digital is able to offer its customers high-end services in the field of virtual prototyping. With a team of engineers, graphic designers and researchers specialized in physics, Eclat Digital offers a high level of expertise throughout the customer projects.

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Software editor

Eclat Digital develops virtual prototyping software called Ocean™. This software uses real data from optical characterization and bases its calculations on well-established laws of optical physics. As a result, Ocean™ enables the calculation of highly predictive renderings without the need for physical samples.

Eclat Digital it’s also 75% of growth in 2023
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To help our customers achieve their development goals through our expertise in optical simulation.

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Together, be the reference in optical simulation to illuminate our customers’ projects.

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Our values

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value customers users viewer


We design projects according to your needs


We mix profiles and skills to meet your expectations


We are experts in Optics and Software Engineering


We like being challenged and deal with a variety of topics

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Meet our team

Developer team

Their mission: Develop, modernize, and improve Ocean™ software from UX to algorithm performance.

3D Graphic Designer team

Their mission: Create, adapt and optimize 3D data and material models.

R&D and project management team

Their mission: Support customer projects and develop new Ocean™ features.

Sales and Marketing team

Their mission: Ensure customer satisfaction and increase company visibility.

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Discover Eclat Digital's culture

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44000 NANTES, France

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At Eclat Digital, we offer you the opportunity to develop your skills in a dynamic start-up environment.

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