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Internalize or externalize your project

Work with us as software editor or service provider for your virtual prototyping projects

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Service provider

As a service provider, Eclat Digital supports you on your project with our optical engineering team. Whether dealing with appearance assessment or detailed quantitative analysis, we will go with you from start to end of your development.

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Software editor

As a software editor, get an Ocean™  license and start working with the best in-class virtual prototyping software !Over your complete license duration, our team will support you through dedicated training and support enabling you to effectively carry out your projects.

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Our solutions for your virtual prototyping projects

predictive appearance with Eclat Digital

Predictive appearance

Predict with utmost accuracy the appearance of a conceptual product. Already in the very early stages of its development, make reliable decisions on your product/project. Eclat Digital virtual prototypes will allow you to limit the need for physical samples and speed up your time to market. Our expertise supports you with :

Light quantification

Ocean™  is more than just rendering software, it is a multi-purpose light-transfer simulation tool. Light is gathered by virtual instrument objects ranging from realistic cameras to light sensors. Using the same scene, material and lighting set-up, the user can quickly switch from image rendering to precise photometry analysis. Combined with the flexibility of user-defined observer sensitivity spectra and postprocessing filter chains, setting-up an energy irradiance sensor, a spectral camera or a human eye is a simple process. 

lighting engineering with Eclat Digital
material characterization eclat digital

Material characterisation

To provide the best result, Eclat Digital offers its expertise in material measurement. Each of your products is studied by our team and a tailor-made protocol is put in place. Thanks to our extensive network of partners, we can examine a wide variety of products from every angle. We set our spectral measurement standards very high to enable the most accurate simulations possible. The optical properties of your materials can be used in our studies for you or made available to you for your own use. And to validate our approach, we offer our “Photo-render” comparison service. 

Sensitivity study & optical diagnosis

We provide you with support in designing Design Of Experiments (DOE) and in identifying ways to achieve your objectives. Our experts and tools are intended to assist your team in understanding the physical phenomena taking place around your project. We will provide you with valuable insights prior to the first decisive phases of your design process, allowing you to keep focused on what’s really important: delivering your product. 

sensitivity study eclat digital
expert support in light engineering and optical science with eclat digital

Support – expertise

Our experts are available to support your team on your projects. Our engineers will work hand-in-hand with you to achieve your goal, always with the highest sense of dedication. It’s in our DNA. We share our expertise with you and train your team on request. We also provide you with diverse support such as pre-prepared files and data to make you autonomous for virtual prototyping.
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Material measurement

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