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In this project, our mission was to simulate the appearance of a phone under different observation and lighting conditions in order to propose a complete evaluation of the technical solutions used.
A second phase consisted of adding an anti-reflective treatment in order to show the increase in legibility through the disappearance of the parasitic reflections.

The first step in this project was to characterise the behaviour of the screen. That is to say, to be able to measure its properties of emission under all the angles by proposing the best colorimetric precision. No instrument available on the market offers an all-in-one solution, so we opted for a very good description of the emission properties and the colorimetric aspects in XYZ coordinates.
We set up a protocol to measure the three primary colours of the screen: red, green and blue, for nine different levels of intensity, from minimum to maximum. In order to simulate the appearance of the information returned by the screen, we interpolated between these various levels of intensity for each channel, according to the triplets of colours transmitted by the screen.
Once the data was integrated, as well as some material data for the set, we simulated the phone under different conditions to investigate the result.
Similarly, by accurately measuring the angular distribution of the screen, we also simulated the phone at different reading angles to see the impact.
Finally, we simulated the impact of an anti-reflection treatment on the glass in order to observe the improvement of the readability of the screen.
For this project, we implemented different advanced characterisation methods for an accurate and exhaustive simulation of the considered phone. Thanks to virtual prototyping, we were also able to propose visual material alternatives quickly and without manufacturing physical samples.
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